One of the best and least expensive ways to spruce up your home’s interiors or exteriors is to add a dash of fresh paint. Painting is probably one of the most affordable, quick and easy ways of adding glamour to your humble abode without really burning a hole in your pocket. Many people opt to choose the DIY way instead of hiring a professional painter which makes the cost even lower. However, the cost is not the only thing that should be considered when deciding whether to paint your home by yourself or hire a professional. Some of the key considerations are size, complexity and safety. Here are some key aspects which need to be compared when deciding between DIY paint or hiring a professional painter.

Things you need

If you are choosing to DIY for the first time, you may be surprised to realize that painting requires a lot more things than just a can of paint and a few brushes. You need to buy paraphernalia like overalls, masking tape, cement (to fill in gaps), levellers, different sizes or types of brushes and if you are patterning, you will also need patterning accessories. For a DIY person, it can be quite intimidating to get all the supplies right and from a good quality, economical place. If you are a complete newbie, you may end up buying the wrong things and wasting quite a lot of money. When you hire a professional painter, their charges will include all the supplies they would need for a paint job. Plus, they will already be aware of what may or may not be needed for your paint job and will carry the necessary things with them.

Finishing the job

Finishing a paint job with a reputable professional painter is near certainty. But with most DIYers, the project remains in the “nearly done” stage for a long time. DIY paint projects are quite time-consuming and to get them done while balancing other professional and personal responsibilities of your life can be difficult. A professional painter’s primary task is to commit to finishing the paint job. Moreover, as a professional painter’s skill and speed levels will also be higher, they are bound to complete the project at a much faster rate than if you do it yourself.

Other Implications

Apart from starting and ending a job on time and possessing the pertinent skill set, there are many other implications that are extremely important to be considered when it comes to comparing a DIY project and a professional painter. Firstly, as a DIYer, you may be good at painting but not so much at prep and managing the drying and setting process properly. A professional painter knows how much time to devote to every stage of painting and will plan the entire assignment accordingly. Remember that while you are painting one particular room or corner of your home, it will remain unusable for you and your family.

In a DIY painting job, if anything goes wrong, you may or may not be able to rectify it at a later stage without professional intervention. Due to years of experience and expertise, a professional painter can take care of any unforeseen issues on their own accord. If you have more questions regarding your DIY painting project or would like to hire a professional painter instead, speak to Number 1 Painting, Burnaby and New Westminster’s most reputable painting company specializing in all kinds of interior and exterior painting jobs.