The holiday season is just a few months away. This is the perfect time for a home makeover to welcome visiting guests and refresh the vibes. That does not mean huge costs or big changes. Even a few DIY tweaks can make your interiors sparkle for a festive feel. A fresh coat of paint can give a new lease of life to your home. Let’s get you prepared with a few helpful tips below:

Revive Tired Walls

Walk around the house for a good look at your home before you splurge on the paint. Are there areas that look more tired than the others? Did you bring in new furniture that does not gel with the current colour of your walls? Are there holes, cracks or chipped paint on any of the walls? Bathrooms and kitchens are more prone to worn out paint from frequent use, moisture, heat and smoke, especially if they are not well ventilated. Basement walls tend to be damp too. The entrance may look nicer with a fresh colour too. It’s a good idea to take note of what you need to do in the rooms more visible to your guests, then decide on the more private areas such as the bedrooms. See if a simple touch-up is enough or if more work is needed to fully refresh your home. The rooms that make the greatest impact usually need a makeover most.

Colour Scheme

Sometimes an accent is enough instead of complete repainting. For accent walls, select colours that you can gaze at without hurting your eyes. Neutral walls can be brightened up with a pop of colour on one wall but select the shade with care. Make sure it blended well or contrast aesthetically with the furnishings and furniture in your house. Take the preferences of other family members in your home under consideration so that everyone is as comfortable with the makeover as you are. It’s tempting to go for current trends but do remember that they don’t always last. Some colours are never out of fashion such as shades of white or cream and beige. Although a bright red may be a cool idea for a festive look, make sure it looks as good beyond the festive season too. You don’t want your home looking like it belongs to Santa Claus!

The Trim

It’s easy to forget the paint on your wood trim in a DIY job but that will never give you the finish you’re looking for. Wood trim is the frame that runs all through your home, framing the walls. A new coat of paint can do wonders to refresh tired panels. Contrasting shades in vivid colours look good to bring out the softer neutral-coloured walls. If your walls are bright or in deeper shades such as navy blue, use white or off-white on the wood trim.

Focus on the Finish

Whether it’s a simple touch-up or a more elaborate painting job, make sure you give it your all, focusing on the details for a seamless finish. You will need two coats of paint and stay away from the walls to avoid marks on the fresh paint. It takes time and effort for a painting job that’s well done. If you are looking for a makeover but much rather enjoy quality time with your family, or need high-quality craftsmanship in less time, give us a call.

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