Colour influences people universally; in what you’re feeling and how you behave. Well, the intensity of the colour, that is. That’s what defines how stimulating or soothing colour can be. Stronger, brighter colours are prone to stimulating the mind, while softer shades or low saturation colours will soothe the mind. There are four colours known throughout colour psychology that are ideal for promoting productivity: blue, red, yellow and green.

Blues are ideal for doing mindful work. This can be anything having to stimulate the mind, from accounting to coding. Blue is traditionally a soothing colour, but too much of it can make a room feel cold and isolating. That’s why it’s suggested to add in hints of orange to introduce emotion into the room. This provides a break in the blue, allowing for balance.

Reds are best for stimulating work of a physical nature. People who work with their hands, fitness trainers, anything that involves physical work would highly benefit from an office space cloaked in red.

If your work involves being creative in any way, then yellow is your best bet. This colour is ideal for work where you need to invoke certain emotions and feelings in order to get it right. Yellow is known as a happy, welcoming colour, which is great for producing new ideas and concepts you may not have thought of otherwise. It also stimulates your ego and makes you more optimistic.

Green is a highly productive colour if your work involves balancing of some kind. Maybe you’re working with numbers or handling money. Green also leans towards calmness and reassurance but can be stagnant in an office space of someone who does physical work.

Now that you understand what each colour brings to the table, you have to decide which colour best fits the type of work you do. Are you a writer or designer? Go with something in the yellows. Do you work with your hands often? Then stick to the red family. Working with numbers on a daily basis or economics? Then a shade of blue or green should keep you productive and working throughout the day.

Once you’ve decided, it’s time to choose which side of the spectrum you want to go with. Will it be a bright, vibrant yellow plastered across your walls or a subtle blue? Determining how intense you want the colour to be is up to you. For you to be productive, do you need to be properly stimulated with high-saturation or soothed with lower ones? The choice is up to you.

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