It may be difficult to pick a paint colour for a large space like the living room when colours have a big effect on us. This area is where the whole family converges, or perhaps it’s the prime space for social events. Either way, choosing the right paint colour, the base of your entire colour scheme for the room, becomes stressful. But it doesn’t have to. Every colour brings with it it’s only energy, so determining what atmosphere you what for your living room is the first step in narrowing down your colour choice. Let’s see what certain colours can bring to your living room.


Some colours are better for living spaces than others, and red happens to be a great choice for invoking excitement and raising energy levels. If you want your living room to be a social space, then look no further, as brighter reds tend to draw people together for a wonderful evening. But don’t go too dark, for more crimson shades can put people on edge.


This colour isn’t great for a living room, as it evokes excitement and enthusiasm. It’s an energetic colour, not something you want for a room designed for relaxation and comfort. Unless your living room is only going to be used for high energy gatherings, perhaps move onto something else, or use it minimally.


A bright yellow serves to capture joy and happiness, something that you may want to experience after a long day at work or a rough week. A welcoming colour, yellow should be used sparingly, as large amounts can create feelings of frustration. Use it as an accent wall or sprinkled around the room through decor, along with a neutral colour of your choice for balance.


The most balanced of colours, green allows the eyes to rest, as it’s not too harsh. Because it’s a mixture of blue and yellow, painting a wall or two green brings with it both relaxing and cheerful vibes. Its calming effect encourages people to unwind, promoting comfort and togetherness within any living space.


Blue is a great colour to use for your living room, as it’s said to extremely calming. If you decide on a lighter blue, compliment it with warmer toned furniture and decor, as too much blue tends to make a room feel cold. Softer, pastel shades encourage relaxations, while darker ones evoke sadness. If you love a nice navy blue, don’t use it as your main colour. An accent wall or through decor is more than enough.


Who doesn’t love a good neutral colour scheme? Blacks, browns, whites and grays are often the most popular colours to plaster across your walls, as any decor is sure to match the flexible hues. Perfect for all design types, lighter neutrals work best to soften a rooms brighter colours for optimal comfort, while darker shades add depth and stability. Bright whites open up any living space, just beware of how easily it will show dirt and dust.

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