If a room in your home does not face the sun or has small windows, it probably does not let much light in. This can make it challenging to pick a colour for it. Rooms that are not well-lit tend to look small and gloomy. You could remodel the place to let more natural light in but that can be costly and may not be possible depending on the location of the room. If it is in the middle of your house or your basement, you will have to find other ways to brighten up space. That is where paint comes in. A fresh coat can completely transform a room with just a fraction of the effort and money needed for a remodel. Here are some colours that will brighten up a dark room.

Your best bet with a dark space is to consider warm, neutral tones. Because there is not much light for a colour to reflect off of in a dark room, you will need to pick colours that are saturated with less black as their base. Choose medium colours and avoid dark tones as they can shrink a room.


Excellent for brightening up a room, pink can accentuate feminine accents or remain neutral. It is considered a calming colour and is often associated with spring. Play up a pink room with floral prints and delicate fabrics.


This colour brings sunshine to a gloomy room and pairs well with artificial light and white fixtures. Yellow evokes feelings of happiness and is energizing.

Powder Blue

Blue is a versatile colour that brings a sense of calmness to a room. It is peaceful, soothing, and makes people feel secure and at peace. Light tones, like powder blue, can brighten a space that lacks natural light. It can be dressed up to look masculine or feminine depending on the decor you choose.


There are so many shades of lavender that you are bound to find one that suits the room you are looking to paint. It can be adapted to be playful or sophisticated depending on the mood you are trying to create. You can make it sophisticated with white or gray accents and furniture, or make it playful in a child’s room with pastels.


It may seem counterintuitive to use this tone, but brown can have a powerful impact on a room with less light. Chocolate brown, specifically, creates a warm, comfortable feeling. If brown feels like too much in your place, consider painting just one wall with it as an accent wall and keep the rest of the room light.


Light and warm shades of gray can brighten up a dark space while dark grays can make it feel cave-like. Gray paint is a perfect choice if you want to keep the walls neutral and let your decor stand out.

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